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Here you will find Switch Plate Covers, Wall Plate Covers, and Outlet Covers. We have Marble Switch Plate Covers, Travertine Switch Plate Covers, and Resin Travertine Switch Plate Covers. We also offer Marble Wall Plate Covers, Resin Faux Stone Wall Plate Covers, and Travertine Wall Plate Covers, We have a variety of Outlet Covers. Including Marble Outlet Covers, Travertine Outlet Covers, and Resin Stone outlet Covers. A few choices available are: single switch, single switch cover, double switch, double switch cover, rocker, rocker switch, single rocker, double rocker, single rocker switch, double rocker switch, rocker cover, rocker switch cover, single rocker cover, double rocker cover, single rocker switch cover, double rocker switch cover, gfi